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Friday, October 06, 2006

Pune - 2

I've spent many more years in Bombay and Azamgarh then Pune, but for some reason I always end up writing about Pune, There can be many reasons for that, probably I hate the city more than I do the others. But this post certainly isn't about any dislike in this city, well this time its the weather damnit. I mean its so great!!!, yeah believe me I am talking something good about the city. The are so many things that one could berate the city for, but pune climate is something which none should or could even if they try to, unless they belong to some god forsaken land and don't know what good climate means.

I would just relate the days weather cycle in the last couple of weeks or so. There's a beautiful sunny morning, then it becomes pretty hot somewhere around 12 to 1 and we have to face the heat while going for our afternoon prayers. By the time we are done, which is around half hour time, the sky becomes over cast in no time. It starts raining and rains for 30 mins to a couple of hour and the heat is gone presenting you a pleasent evening. The nights are mostly cool, so can pullover a sheet and go for a calm sleep without the need of an AC most part of the year. Its never humid so even if its hot you won't be sweating to death like in Bombay, probably that explains one reason why Puneites hate Bombay so much.

So looking for a break from hectic and hot Bombay life, head over to pune for a couple of days.

Caution : Avoid the main city, its pathetic.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Right to kill.

The controversy over the death penalty has again come to fore, after a court directed the so called planner of the parliament attack,Mohd. Afzal, to be hanged. I don't know and don't want to know whether he is guilty or not, I am not interested in knowing what the law of the country say with regards to capital punishment, neither do I have any regards or respect for anyone or any institution which advocates capital punishment. I have a single minded thought on this issue - One of the very few things on which I am in no dilemma- No human being has the right to decide whether the other is worth living in the world or not. No court or a collective body of people have the right to decide whether a person should live in this world or not, whatever the ground be.

We talk about terrorism and it being destructive then, We talk about us being civilized and then we talk about hanging so called terrorists so as to terrorize the others from attacking us. Are we missing something out here, we just talked about being civilized which means constructive and then we talked about terrorizing others through the means of the state. Are we not resorting to what we abhor? In my view any religion, any state or any institution that wishes to decide the life of other human being has no moral right to claim to be a victim of terrorism cause it itself uses the same tool to defend itself.

All in all capital punishment is a form of terrorism in itself and should be done away with because no one has the right to kill other.