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Thursday, February 23, 2006

So much to write so less time........

There was a time when I had a blog and lots of time but I did not know what to write, then came the time when I had a lot to write and some time to do and now is time where I have too many things to write about but there is no time at all. The whole day passes of in either one of the SDLC phases, plus meetings, calls and blah blah blah and when I am done with all this its already late in the night and time to go home. The posponement of the laptop due the impending UK visit has added to cut in my online presence.
But thats LIFE and I am enjoying every bit of its happinesses & troubles alike :)


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Of Pageflakes and homepage

Well one after another you a habit of yours being commercialised some for good and others for worse. But the one I am talking certaily advances my liking or the habit to another level, I am talking about pageflakes.com. While browsing through the web I just came accross this site and found it to be good, I mean they do what I would do often, create my own homepage with all the favourite links so that I don't need to type one. I know thats quite a simple thing and you can do that simply by adding links to favourites, but hey this one looks much better and easier than that and the best part they use AJAX so no page loading just updates.
Now I think I really need to learn AJAX with the kind of things its making possible and enhances the browsing experience.



Monday, February 20, 2006

Insult the US President for $20

You can't beat the Americans when it comes to innovating ways of making money. Some are too good and spawn an industry while some are just stupid, out to make some quick buck. Not sure where this one fits in,

Insult the US President for $20


The site claims to actually charge you money for sending an insult on your behalf to the president and they even provide an authenticy certificate for that. Check it out for more details :-) and some fun.

This proves one more thing in which you can't beat America - Freedom of speech - imagine planning such a thing for your own President or the PM.