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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Was Nehru a incapable and power hungry?

I got my hand on this link at rediff where they have detailed how the ineptitude and stupidity of our leadership, especially Nehru brought great humiliation to the nation. These are a series of articles posted on rediff.com under Remembering a war

Lest we forget

How Nehru let us down

You can scrap the army

'Ill-armed, Ill-clad, Ill-trained...'

There are many more articles listed there mostly posted by ex-army officers and people who have been there, done that. After reading all this my belief in something what my Grandpa always narrated, that Nehru was a power hungry and inept but highly manipulative and a political animal who short changed even Gandhi to achieve quick power. He always lamented that Nehru was one of the persons responsible for the division of the country due to his hunger of power along with Vallabh Patel and Jinnah. He passed away with his wisdom and sadly I don't see anything much available in the country to know more on this considering the God status that the above mentioned 2 guys enjoy in certain parts of the country.


The article on Akanksha along with many other posts is still a draft and considering the record of last few months it would remain so. So, for now putting up Akanksha pics.

Akanksha is a NGO working with kids mostly in Mumbai in Pune in field of non-formal education etc. for more details visit www.akanksha.org.