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Friday, March 17, 2006

Career counselling project.

As part of the initiative to make a small contribution to the society I have planned to launch a small Career counselling project for the students of 10th and 12th after their exams get over. Following is the thread that I have started on a forum inviting people to participate.

" As the time has neared when 10th and 12th students would be getting done with their dreaded Board exams and would be faced with the difficulty of choosing a career path, with so many options and not so freely available right information for most of them. We as the ones who have gone through this entire ordeal can certainly be a helping hand to them.
We can align with an NGO or just start a camp on our own at location or few locations depending on the number of volunteers ready to provide their service. On my part I have in my contact a Mumbai based NGO whom I had provided such a service a few years back.Hoping that many more would come ahead and render a helping hand."

Looking for support from friend or anyways I am going for it alone.