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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Of vacations, issues, sicknesses and marathons.

Last one month has been different for it has been somewhat different kind of experience than the usual. For a change I had not been blogging for almost a month, not checking my mails or being active on orkut for days at a stretch and yeah for a change doing loads of shopping. So you can see a spanking new PC which sports a graphics card that can play most high end games and many more stuff in the house. So much so that I can say the most repeated activity in the last one month has been writing cheques :). The other important actvities included hogging, hogging and more of it.

For a change nearly a months leave passed and I watched only a single damn movie!!! I don't understand what has happened to bollywood, can't they make a few good movies now and then. I mean how do they expect people like me to bear a stammering, overaged, over-acting Khan trying to be a don where he should be running around trees with a cap and a guitar, or some 40+ playing college students and crying throughout(imagine Akshay and Salman crying aaaahhhh!!!!). There used to be some good movies now and then from hollywood landing up on our shores but off late they too seem to have ran out of ideas and can't do away with their fantasies with snakes and planes etc.

There was one sensible and entertaining movie that I did manage to catch up and that was "DOR", although I was very sure after the movie that Gul Panag and Ayesha Takia need some more acting lessons if they wish to keep acting in such movies. Neverthless it was a great movie to spend a weekend and your money on, with a strong storyline, great direction and some decent performances. With DOR Nagesh Kukunoor again proves that he's the most sensible director around these days. For some obvious reasons DOR can never make money like the biggies, but yeah atleast people were not distributing its free tickets outside Fun Republic to fill the hall, as with Jaaneman(The guys offered us free tickets pleading to watch the movie, which we obviously declined).

Another important event of past one month has been my sickness, I usually don't fall sick or so I think coz I don't remember last time spending 3 days in bed in the last 5 years or so, thats the period of time I usually recall things about. It really made me realise the freedom that we enjoy being a able bodied human being.

One of the things closest to me, Career Discussions has faced severe apathy on my part in the last month. I had though of utilising my time in building up a content base followed by targeting a user base for the same. But things went differently and nothing came through, anyways I would be renewing efforts for the same. Meanwhile I thought of testing ways to monetize the gmail service on Career Discussions Gmail after a friend suggested it, considering that there is a small dedicated user base that visited the page 6000 times last month I expect to see some results out of it.

The most important thing that I missed during this period was writing, there were couple of events on which I would have surely put up something. These were the conviction of Santosh Singh, the way the Afzal issue has turned up and Hijab issue, I might still manage to turn up something on some of these.

So that was quite an update for now, The marathon season is nearing with one scheduled in pune on 26th Nov and second on 21st Jan 2007 in Mumbai. I am gearing up for them and looking for partners atleast for the pune event for which I am not sure to run as yet.