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Friday, April 06, 2007

Fortune for the day

You will never need to worry about a steady income

For those wondering what that is, its my fortune on orkut for the day on orkut. Darn why wouldn't I be more than happy to see that or really??

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Life update

This year has been very kind to me though it has been only a quarter that has passed it has been one of the most rewarding quarters of the last few years. After lots of promises, hopes and hardwork of the year passed by it seemed God has finally thought enough of it, this has to be Asif's year or atleast this one quarter. I know it might sound a lil too much of exaggeration or boasting, but what would you say if you get half a dozen recognition or appraisal meetings, a promotion and UK visit all in a quarter, Add to it on the personal front my third anniversary of a beautiful relationship growing stronger with every passing day, a fat bonus, big raise and yeah once again to repeat it all in the first quarter of the year.

To be on the more serious note this was the first time I was flying, It was pretty exciting. Somehow I never had the reason or the need to fly since I stayed in Bombay or pune with all the friends and relatives belonging to the same city. The flight was late at the Bombay airport by an hour at the killing time of the morning that bloody 4:30 in the morning. Anyways with over a couple of delays more I reached Machester via Dubai safe and sound to be greeted by the taxi driver in an Audi!!! I couldn't believe that the cabbie who my people had hired to ferry my home had a bloody sexy Audi of his own, I mean people in India need to own a fortune to own a car like that. Anyways thats UK and thats why they are bloody rich. The cabbie as expected was a soccer fan and a Man U fan too, So had an interesting chat all along the way. An hours drive from Manchester through the stunningly beautiful landscape and I was to Sheffield.


Its been nearly a week in Sheffield and its going pretty well except for the damn cold, God how cold this part of the world is and the worst part is that I am the only one who finds this weather cold!! I mean by peoples admissions I have got one of the best view from apartment in the city , facing the road and what with a dozen pubs and discs around. So I can see all these people partying the night out in bare nothings while I dare not go out for the fear of freezing!!. Anways tried my hand at pool after a long time and boy I was so clumsy!! but yeah I picked up pretty fast and won thrice in a row, much to the amazement of my hosts who were left wondering at my improvement with every move.

Now this is a freaking friday and a four day break in my very first week!! Plan for a rock gig, a premeirship match and a 10 km run all on the cards. If at all I wanna settle in a place outside bombay it should be a city life this, its quite and calm with all the amenities at your disposal and cheaper compared to even other cities in UK. Now thats getting too much so I should head of but with a promise of more updates of my encounters in UK

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