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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Of work and jobs...

Prologue- I have jumped from first job breaking a bond within a year of joining.

So it has hardly been a 7 months in the current job and friends have started asking me, When are you shifting, What are your plans for the next job or as Allwin asked something like 'Kya irada hai bhai, kahin aur kuch dekh rahe ho kya' , not sure whether I am putting exactly what he said. There were some more comments like these coming from friends. So in a nutshell do people think that I am the one ready to jump jobs for the heck of it. Now I am pretty sure atleast about a handfull of them that they don't mean bad about me, but I want my friends other whoever passes over this post to a know a few things about my current work plans.

I don't have any intentions of changing my job, as I think I am doing pretty well as of now at the current job and wish to continue for sometime over here.
But, there are many if's to the above sentence I just mentioned,

'PUNE SUCKS' I am literally getting sucked at he city, just cannot leave Bombay, with all the troubles that Bombay gives me. Be it long distance travelling, crowded transport.... blah blah blah. I still wanna be back in Bombay ASAP. Mind you nothing against 'Pune' it can be very good for somebody from a smaller city or someone who wants to run away from the hustle bustle of Mumbai, but for me that's life and am drearly missing it.

As mentioned in one of my first posts my penchant for singing I want to become so many things in life. Apart from the usual career path that I would mostly be trading in the next few years, Three of the most exciting ones(at least for now on my mind) are :-

1) To be a journalist :- Now people knowing me very well would also feel that where the heck did that come from, but somewhere I always would love to be a journalist, travelling around the country, sniffing news at every nook and corner, taking interviews........... I just get thrilled at the thought of it, running this blog is a part fulfilment of a dream. I strongly feel I can justify the job pretty well. I might not be a great writer(trying to improve every minute), but do feel that have the nose for news and the knack to do it right. So, if at this point someone gives me such an offer mind you I'll just jump at it.

2) Professor :- This is something I would surely do in life, but only later when I would have lost the hair strands left on my crown completely(that doesn't mean old though). The reason for the wait I wanna be a PHD before i do that. :)

3) Entrepreneur :- Starting my own business, that is something I have planning for a few years already. Every time I read or learn about something new, the first question that pops up is how can it be turned into a successful business. The time doesn't look far when I would implement one of these and it can be anything under the sun.

Epilogue :- So, after giving all the above reasons I believe it looks and might jump job soon, even I don't know at this instant :)

Wish me luck.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Disaster management and us.

Does anybody even remember that there was supposedly a Bird Flu epidemic threatening the country only a week a go?. The only thing that reminds me of the Flu scare is the missing chicken and omlette at lunch & breakfast from the office canteen, apart from that if you are searching for some news on the flu in the media you are in for a surprise. The media which was covering the event as if all hell has broken loose on the country seems to have too quickly forgotten about it, almost completely. A scare that created chaos throughout the country, resulting in a ban on serving of chicken & poultry products in a host of services, from airlines to railways, military and crushing ban on poultry trade across the states and on Indian poutlry exports seems to have fizzled out without a trace. Sure, many people are still not buying chicken and it is still being sold at Rs 15-20 a KG and there is a certain section which is feasting on it at every meal.
The question is who the hell is responsible for all this mess?. Some stupid officials showcasing there newly acquired imported cartoon like medical kit and a stupid, idiotic, dumb and overzealous media. Which in its attempt to get some more eye balls can go down any levels playing up a small issue into a disaster kind of a situation.
I am no expert on diseases and ilness in animals but sure do know that there is something called 'ranikhet' disease which spreads rapidly across poultry perenially and kills thousands of them on very outbreak and the symptoms are pretty much same to the flu. It could have been simply the case of any other out of host of diseases that occur in poultry. But, the officials jumped the gun and the media quickly picked it up as there was nothing major going on around the time. As the Bush fire ascended on the country, the focus quickly moved on to it and then onwards that was all one could read or see around. Surely, some caution from the media and the state would have surely saved the asses of poor poultry farmers, many of who lost their everything because of this.
All this proves that how pathetic we are at disaster management be it the Mumbai floods, the Tsunami or the Bird flu scare, When it comes to the crunch the Indians are the worst loosers.