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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Barca rulezzzz.... Once again!!!

To be very frank just before the start of last nights match between Barcelona and Werder Bremen when my roommate asked me for a prediction, I was pretty quick in predicting "I think like all good things, Barca's good run is near to over". I am not the one to comment so easily on such things but after watching them play in the last few matches or almost of the matches I felt something was a miss. It wasn't the same Braca of last two years, The La liga and the European champs suddenly started looking beatable and after their last match against Levante, I was pretty sure that they are on their way out to play the UEFA cup.

I was proved wrong and I am so happy to be proved wrong, The first 45 minutes of the game was stunningly amazing. I could feel the punch, the energy in the game that Barca had been missing this year. The cheeky goal by the magician Ronaldinho was a proof that he is the best brain in football at the moment, coz it was less of an art and more of being smart considering the way he slid the ball below the wall as soon as they jumped. There was more to come, the second goal was more about speed from Giuly and lack of good defending from Bremen. For a moment it looked there would be many more but Barca missed some very good chances to score, anyways this was less about match analysis and more to express my happiness wih Barca qualifying to last 16.