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Friday, April 11, 2008

End of days!

Another night another heartbreak, the sad story of another failed season for the Gunners. Sometimes you might be the best but the things just don't work probably that's what they call luck or is luck just an excuse for not doing well enough. Probably it was the mix of two for the gunners this season, their loss to Liverpool was a quick highlight of the whole season. The brilliant spark which threatened to completely steam roll the opposition, A mistake causes the setback and then another one and all seems lost, then there is a glimmer of hope and some exceptional display, then it seems its won, but just when you think the battle is won, a chink in the armour is exposed and its all over. All that is left is hurt expectations and the feeling of what it could have been. If you haven't watched the match with Liverpool or not followed the Gunners all season you will probably find it difficult to relate to.

So what's next in store for the Gunners? well nothing for this season, though mathematically they can still win the league but that even Liverpool can. All they need to do is to win against Man U this Sunday, the for Chelsea and Man U to draw and then Man U and Chelsea to loose atleast one more match and then ..... and then.... but well but it can happen only in day dreams.

More to come....

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