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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Baby steps to entrepreneurship

Its been an interesting month in terms of happenings around, along with many other things I have started my baby steps towards entrepreneurship. Of the couple of ventures that I could really hammer out to something viable, One - Careerdiscussions.com - is online, though not formally launched yet. The other car rental service has hit a road block at what seemed to be the final step, due to personal reasons. A brief introduction of Career Discussions which I would be launching in partnership with a small group of friends.

Career Discussions as the name suggests is a career based website to provide a platform to indulge into discussions which would help them make informed decisions. Our tagline "Confused about career decisions, Come to Career Discussions" does explain lot in terms of what we intend to do. We don't want to preach or tell people what to do, we wish to provide them a platform which provides them all the information required to make an informed decision.

Now to run a site one needs participant, people who wish to be a part of a community, Who are ready to share information and help others, because that is the true essence of a community. Apart from that we are open to people who are ready to be a part of the Career Discussions team, you can be in the team if you can contribute in any of the following ways,

1) Write articles and stories for the soon to be launched portal, The articles could be on anything related to any kind of careers. So if you think being a rock climber is the best thing to do in life, go ahead tell others why do you think that.

2) Work as a journalist by getting us latest information from the campuses across the country or conduct interviews with College directors and do whatever your imagination can support.

3) Propogate the idea of Career Discussions.

The most important part in this is that we are not going to pay anything for now, For now its more about making your mark by being the best. So you might not be able to get rid of that boring day job for now, but you can surely be contented to do something you love to. So drop a line or two about yourself and the way you wish to contribute at asif.mkhan[at]gmail.com.

Don't forget to wish me luck.