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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Changes on yahoo!

Since last over a month or more I have noticed a major change on yahoo!, in functionalities regarding mulitple logins at the same time. In the earlier yahoo! days if you were already logged into say mail and wished to visit yahoogroup or another mail account, it would automatically log you in before rendering the page probaby with the cookies doing the trick. Mind you it was a big trouble for me to log into my multiple yahoo accounts one at time for eg. while my mail page is loading I could not post a thing on my group as I prefer using multiple login ids. But things have changed for good now may be yahoo! understood the fact that multitaskers like me cannot do with their old notions of one login from a machine at a time.

But the facility still has a loop hole. Take the scenario where I am logged into my yahoo group and mail at the same time with diffrerent ids. Now I click on signout on the mail page, Huh I get a session expired when I try to load my yahoogroup page!!!!. What a bug should I say, If a company of the size and stature of yahoo! cannot catch such a bug in testing phases I am pretty sure my friend Hari can get a job with them :)


Thursday, February 16, 2006

Shout box

Upgrading my blog to add a shout box


Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Of "pathetic jobs" and lots of money.....

How many instances would you find where a nation is angry and ranting against the fact that lots of jobs are being outsourced to some low cost country. On the other side the people in the low cost country who are getting these jobs and are paid pretty well as compared to their country standards but still complain time and again how pathetic are the jobs they are doing. How they have to work for 12-16 hours a day and are exploited by their IT employers and 'paid badly.'
Following are some of the stories floating on the net,

IT Survivors - Staying Alive In A Software Job

Special note should be taken of the comments in the article above or the discussion on the one of the popular forums below.

An IT pro's life is a Dog's life!!

A user Anurag83 rants "Hey i disagree with tat.How can one compare a dog's life wit tht of a s/w techie. Dogs hav a much better life."

another vkris81 - "Hey, this job sucks man. I too, am bored of working 24/7 for peanuts while an "indian" MNC is making us proud. I too want to do something which are different, which might not b a career."

And on the third side the government machinery and the companies in the low cost country are pitching in for more business and shouting on rooftops about their achievements in getting the jobs to their country.

Quite an irony huh, that what outsourcing to India is all about, while the American's may be crying hoarse about the jobs they are loosing, The Indian engineers are crying hell that they have to do these low end jobs. Whenever I come across one such person my simple question is "What would you have been doing if not this?", considering the large numbers in which the Indian IT and ITES companies recruit engineers of all qualities(I mean the good and not so good also get recruited) every year. There's nothing great going in the economy which would have supported these numbers and they would have surely been lying or running around some government office or a factory or worst idling at home.

So, The big question is why so much of complaining??

Certain things factor into this issue,

1) A Trend - It seems to be have become a trend among the Indian software engineers to complain about their jobs, curse their companies and scorn at their salaries. Considering the fact that most human being are quite inept at using their brains logically and following the trend blindly it seems quite obvious that most of them are just criticising just because they are supposed to.

2) Good work - One important factor is the quest of doing good work, Now thats very subjective and every person can have his/her own definition for it. Since major part of the work undertaken by the Indian companies is at the lower band of the spectrum, mostly maintenance projects, The engineers cry foul how there skill are wasted and they are robbed of chances to innovate.
One simple advice from my side, If you think you are an innovator go ahead and do it, after all Page and co. did not make Google for some company or the same for Lary Ellison and Hewlett& Packard or Bill Gates.... the line is pretty long these people were self motivated innovators and were not handed over innovations by their companies.

Now it seems the post is getting too long so I break it into two and surely come back later on this.