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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Changes on yahoo!

Since last over a month or more I have noticed a major change on yahoo!, in functionalities regarding mulitple logins at the same time. In the earlier yahoo! days if you were already logged into say mail and wished to visit yahoogroup or another mail account, it would automatically log you in before rendering the page probaby with the cookies doing the trick. Mind you it was a big trouble for me to log into my multiple yahoo accounts one at time for eg. while my mail page is loading I could not post a thing on my group as I prefer using multiple login ids. But things have changed for good now may be yahoo! understood the fact that multitaskers like me cannot do with their old notions of one login from a machine at a time.

But the facility still has a loop hole. Take the scenario where I am logged into my yahoo group and mail at the same time with diffrerent ids. Now I click on signout on the mail page, Huh I get a session expired when I try to load my yahoogroup page!!!!. What a bug should I say, If a company of the size and stature of yahoo! cannot catch such a bug in testing phases I am pretty sure my friend Hari can get a job with them :)



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