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Friday, December 23, 2005

Time to look back, time to look aheaad......

A year whizzed past through the life, a year which had promised a lot and gave much more that, but took somethings away. I would remember this as a year which brought in big changes, gave me happiness, a close feeling of being with the family after a long time, brought in stability as it matured and the year I would remember as the one where I exceeded all my targets by great lengths. Also as a year which again took me away from the people who matter the most to me, the people who nag me, fight with me and at times all of it leads me to the feeling of being harassed to some extent, but above all these are the people who love me the most and would be my well wishers all my life come what may.
The passing year has surely given may memories that I'll cherish for a lifetime, the coming year gives much more hope and vigour. My estimates told me that 2005-2007 would be on of the most crucial period of growth for me and now the inkling is 2006 would be the inflection point similar to 2003, I need all the blessings from my friends and enemies alike to set new targets and achieve or exceed them. So, I shall take this break from work and utilize all for setting targets for the new year.
Wishing everybody a very Happy New Year.


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