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Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Economic boom and the Oppoturnities

The current economic boom in the last 5 years has certainly generated so many opputunities for the young graduates like me that we are spoilt with choice. had i graduated 5 years back with just a plain BSc degree life wouldn't had been so easy, with the number of jobs around be so fewer i don't if life had been so easier for me and for the 100's of thousand's of young graduates around. I attribute this all to on man MS or Manmohan Singh. this was the man who opened the economy due to the neccesity of it to some extent and his own sight of the future. what percolated was a sheer sustained revoultion that slowly changed the lives of young people like me without much of a bang as such.
One big thing that has changed for me and surely for lot of other young indian's is that the feeling that i can make big very big in my very own country that is India. i dont really need to cheat people out here to make money or go abraod spend my life as an NRi to make money and live a peaceful life.



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