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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

First Blog

Hi all a great welcome to you all visiting ma blog. know me know my life and the Complexity that i am called Asif.

I have alwayz been a person different in certain aspects, being very common, simple but still very different. finding myself somewhat never a part of a group or a community as such but alwayz enjoying myself in a kind of loneliness brought onto myself for some evitable and some inevitable conditions.
what has affected the most to the person i am is the movements that i've had throughout the childhood. the max time i spent in a school,college locality or even a city had been 5 years, with the current stay in Mumbai just surpassing that mark, being around 6th year. everytime i really tried to settle down with things there was a change. these changes along with the family incidences have had a great effect on ma life. i matured much earlier then others in understanding the needs and wants of living with different kin of people, their thoughts, thinking and some of their culture.


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