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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Looking for a JOOOOOB...........

My Search for a JOB
I was one of the lucky two who placed on campus from our batch. well lucky not for sure i was in few days only i realized that things looked less then good inside. the place i had got into was more than pathetic, there is nothing called ethic or employee satisfaction for even name sake also. it looks that the company just does not believe in something called employee care. although they have launched big advertising and marketing campaigns to make an impression in the minds of the general public and prospective employees inside the company the realities were pathetic.
Only 3 kinds of people seem to work here
1) These are the ones who joined during the early days of the company and are at some good position in the company and don't think that they would get the same position outside.

2) The second are of the kind who have nowhere to go, these are the people who have been here for sometime now, have become totally useless and know well that they wont survive outside so better spend the remaining time here just lazying around.

3) The third kind of people are the ones who have just joined and are in bond and waiting for the day when the bond expires and they would become free. the maximum employees fall in this category and are just waiting to quit.

I m a litlle different from the other 3 categories although my situation is somewhat similar to the last category. i wanna quit but now i dont want for the bond to get over, i m just waiting for an oppurtunity which is good enough for me to quit. but the trouble is that this damn bond thing is acting as a deterrent to the job oppurtunities that i m getting.
Praying to God that he gets me a oppurtunity and i m out of this toxic place.


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