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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Of favourites and comebacks

image courtesy : espnstar.com
Its always nice to see your favourites do well, especially when they are making a comeback from their worse period of life and more so in sports. That's the reason that this story caught my eye and forced me to read through.

Martina reigns supreme in extreme heat at Australian Open

Hingis and Sampras were the icons when I opened up my eyes to sports and were the ones who aroused my love for the sport of tennis. I am not a hard core sports buff, but keep tabs on my few favourites and felt a certain kind of happiness to see the player of the beautiful and artistic tennis which has more or less lost its way, back to the court. I am not yet sure how long would Martina be palying and would she still regain her glory but as always hope sails.



  • Very True Mate!!

    Martina Hingis was also one of my favz(Her good looks helped :-) )
    And it is nice to see her back.


    PS : As I write this, she has crashed out of Aus Open but still a nice comeback.

    By Blogger HP, at 7:21 am  

  • Yeah Yeah I know she crashed out, but she won the mixed doubles and did u notice she looks sexier then ever before :))


    By Blogger As If, at 7:13 am  

  • Sexy..hmmn..Well Dont know I have always liked her in a different sort of way..Never looked at her with a sexy eye..aarrrghhh..Never used such a bad word but.. :-)


    By Blogger HP, at 4:43 am  

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