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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sena's housing policy

I had smiling start to my wednesday morning when I put on NDTV, There I could see the Udhav Thackeray blurting out his usual party crap. But this one was interesting he was actually talking about providing quotas to Mahrashtrians in high rise buildings. The argument behind the logic was the weirdest I have heard in long time, Since maharashtrians are the sons of the soil and they can't afford such costly apartments they should be alloted quotas in them!!. I couldn't for a moment believe that people can be so irrational in their thinking. But then again the way the quota thing is headed only God knows where it will end. Tomorrow well see Udhav asking for separate rail compartments or quota in suburban trains, quota in buses, quota in public toilets, quota for walking on the road and so many other quotas since Maharashtrians are the sons of soils!!

The worst logic is that the marathi people are a poor lot in Mumbai, I have been in mumbai for years and don't really think they are the poorest people in the city. The other point that I always find it difficult to digest is the logic that they are the sons of the soils. I mean no disrespect to anyone, but Maharashtrians can claim the sons of soil logic on Maharashtra but it doesn't hold true on the city of mumbai. First of all its should had been a union territory and not a part of the state, secondly it wasn't founded by the mainland mahrashtrian people as such and thirdly it the city of the immigrants and it won't survive without them.

Anyways the sena gave another proof of their lack of rational and policy making abilities and how they are making a laughing stock of themselves.

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