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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Planet49 genuine looking fraudsters

Everyone who is online know how many tons of fraud emails and links that we keep getting everyday. But there are some which look really genuine and one such instance was when I received the Planet49 link while browsing rediff.com. After a 5 minute search on the internet I was pretty sure its another of the tricks of the innumerable fraudsters out there ready to pounce on unsuspecting souls. Anyways I didn't really want their free Audi A3, but if one of you fancies one you can visit the following fraud site.

Fraud site

One question people ask me often is how do you verify if a service provider on the internet is a fraud or not. These fraudsters can be job companies offering job in western countries for example companies in India offering services to procure a H1B visa or a green card etc.

The simplest trick or the first step that I take for verification is google the name of the company with fraud. So say I want to verify the veracity of planet49 claims, I will type "planet49 fraud" on google and wallah I have hundreds of people ranting on forums what a big fraud this company is, if the word fraud doesn't work use words like cheats etc. I know this whole process sounds pretty simplistic and someone might question if its a effective way of judging the authenticity of the company. But I find it pretty useful, though I suggest you use a little bit of you own judiciousness before actually making a decision.

Friday, February 22, 2008

SVN Ant task

Opensource softwares and tools can be pretty powerful and useful, but they can be really frustrating too, due to their complete lack of documentation at times. One such tool I was struggling for the morning was getting SVN Ant to work. Everything seemed to be in place but it was still giving the exception

taskdef A class needed by class org.tigris.subvers
ion.svnant.SvnTask cannot be found: org/tigris/subversion/svnclientadapter/SVNCl


Looking at the exceptions it looked somethings missing in the classpath but I had set everything that the plugin site asked me to. The worse part was finding the solution on google too didn't throw up many results. Finally found a couple of articles which were very helpful.

How to Integrate Subversion with Apache Ant



Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Well done Liverpool!

How often do you complain as to why did you agree to a dinner invitation specially when away from home, the prospect of lovely home cooked curry, well you do when you have a Champions League game to watch including Liverpool and Inter Milan. Frankly speaking Liverpool have been really poor in the last two seasons excluding their Champions league final appearance and this was something which has turned me off from watching their games in the recent past. But I had a hint that todays game might be one of those great Anfield nights and recorded the game to watch after dinner and boy Liverpool finally kept up the promise by playing a great game of football against one of the toughest opponents in Europe.

Well done Liverpool hope you give some great performances and help keep Rafa his job, After Mourinho and Wenger he is one of the most interesting manager in the league and it will be sad to see him go.

To add something for the Blues fans, their side as boring as it is got another boring draw. I wonder why Mourinho was fired, he too was doing exactly what Chelsea is doing right now winning 1-0 or getting 0-0 draws. Atleast he provided some great entertainment quite opposite of the Abramovich stooge who is one of the most boring managers in the league.