Take a Walk.......

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I am writing this post with an assumption that all my friends who read this blog are straight, so in case anyone isn't or had too much sympathy for people, I am sorry if they feel hurt coz this post is just a narration of few incidences, which atleast left the people involved very embarrased.

So, what does a girl do if a guy makes a pass at her avoid, yell at him, slap him.. there are quite a few things she can and in most of the cases the guy can be screwed by he ever enthusiatic bystanders. Now what does a guy do if a guy makes a pass at him?? I know its a difficult situation. So I list three of the following incidences that place one in a comical or embarassing situation(depending on which side of the story you are on).

1) There was a friend of mine Praveen, who was a model and heftly built. One day while travelling in a mumbai local there was this guy who was sticking close around him though the train was hardly crowded. After a few minutes he got too irritated and yelled at the guy,"Abe udhar jaa na, kyun chipak raha hai". This guy looked at him and gave him what we say that kind of smile. This irritated Praveen to hilt, who hit him a punch, which sent him down rolling. Now the onlookers asked the question,"Kya hua bhai?".

So this post gets posted incomplete, by mistake.

2) Now this is the best on or the as earlier most embarassing for the person involved. There was this acquaitance of mine narrating his story. These few friends were sitting in a bar gulping down some drinks, after a few drinks they decide to leave. There was this person X who was a friend of his and asked that he can drop him on the way an he agreed. On this way they stopped at X's place, where X asked him to come in. It seemed the person stayed alone and had put picture of ladies in outer rooms, till then the things looked normal. But as he entered inside the other room things started looking a little fishy, there were pictures of men in somewhat unexplainable positions. The best was yet to come,just when this person was to ask for leave, Mr X popped the question to kiss him.
Imagine a friend of yours and all this God!!!, is duniya ka kya hoga.