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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A feature on Rock music in India on Doordarshan!!!

It was interesting to watch a feature on Indian Rock scene on guess which channel, our very own Doordarshan or DD news. You might find it difficult to believe that a deeply insightful feature on the rock music can be shown on a channel like DD, but I wasn't there's an interesting story behind this.

A couple of months of back my cable line went phut, due to some unknown reasons, the only channel available was DD news. After much cribbing I decide to catch the news of the day on DD new!!! I can't believe that I would have to watch DD in the age. But mind you it was much better experience watching news on DD than any channel in the world, the reason is that they show what they are meant to, News. No if's and buts, now Why's or Who's just news, they don't need to give fancy lines like "Why are all terrorists Muslims" to attract TRP's. They would tell what has happened the way it happened nothing more, nothing less. Since then I am in love DD news and prefer it over all news channels.There are certain shortcomings though in the programming on DD news but that's expected from a government control entity running on loads of bureaucracy and shortage of funds.

Coming back to the feature on the rock scene in India, It was a well crafted feature with interviews from the who's who of Indian rock scene and the newbies too - Parikrama, Pentagram, PDV, Them clones etc. It was heartening to see my favorite bands talking about their struggles, their successes, the current Indian scenario, the earning opportunities, the challenges and almost all possible details.

So next time you wish to catch some news minus loads of crap, head over to DD news.