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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Inherent Impotence....

In an informal chat with some of my pals something struck me which i would share with other bolgreaders. It's a simple idea which anybody might have visualized but dunno where it came to me from.

Simply stating the way a country grows and progresses is very much visible in the way it was formed or created. Its takes something really great in form of a leader or an event to change it course.

It can be easily explained with few examples.

US was created with the concept of freedom for all with an daring armed struggle with the rulers--- The Concept of freedom and unity was preserved with leaders Abraham Lincoln standing tall when it was threatened --- Result everybody knows very well what has has achieved.

Germany-- Bismarck created Germany with struggle bloodshed feeling of inferiority/superiority complexes -- Result death,destruction galore with Hitler and WW2 only could change its course.

India -- Few Selfish,Corrupt,Impotent leaders shook hands with some freedom, truth, democratic leader and fought an impotent battle after which freedom was given to them as an alm. --- Result, we became free , highly corrupted , impotent , fast growing country.

you can see how the way things were gained the way they remained. waiting for that defining moment in our history which could change our destiny.

Jai Hind