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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Times oohmedia campaign

In the last few months I have noticed Bus stops in Mumbai being taken over by hoardings of Times Oomedia with some eye-catching(or so) ads, saying something like if you are noticing it then what makes you think that 30,000 more passing the stop won't ?. I might have got the words a little wrong but they sum up the message. By all account it seems to be a campaign where they are trying to sell the space for advertising.
The point is that with few months passed by the campaign seems to be pretty much a headed for a failure, at least to the extent I have noticed it. As most of the places that I have noticed the ads are still of Times- Oohmedia and not any advertiser, which signifies dearth of advertisers or the failure in acquisition considering most these stops are in pretty crowded locations and quite a number of Mumbai bus stops are sponsored by advertisers.
Well the campaign is still on the company would surely be trying hard not to lose a lot of money that it would have spent on acquiring the rights, for lets wait and watch.


Of favourites and comebacks

image courtesy : espnstar.com
Its always nice to see your favourites do well, especially when they are making a comeback from their worse period of life and more so in sports. That's the reason that this story caught my eye and forced me to read through.

Martina reigns supreme in extreme heat at Australian Open

Hingis and Sampras were the icons when I opened up my eyes to sports and were the ones who aroused my love for the sport of tennis. I am not a hard core sports buff, but keep tabs on my few favourites and felt a certain kind of happiness to see the player of the beautiful and artistic tennis which has more or less lost its way, back to the court. I am not yet sure how long would Martina be palying and would she still regain her glory but as always hope sails.


Monday, January 16, 2006

A friend forwarded this saying "Got it from the net!!!!
Nida Fazli is one of my favourite poets. He writes most of the stuff that Jagjit Singh sings. Here's a poem he wrote about Advani in 1990 or something. Nice one."

I more than agree with him, its too gud!!

"Mujhe maloom hai tumharey naam sey mansoob hain tootey huey sooraj
Shikasta chand, kala aasmaan, curfew-zada rahein
Sulagtey khel ke maidan, roti cheekhti maae'n
Mujhe maaloom hai charo taraf jo ye tabahi hai
Hukumat mein siyasat ke tamashe ki gawahi hai
Tumhein Hindu ki chaahat hai na Muslim se adaavat hai
Tumhara dharm sadiyon se tijarat tha tijarat hai
Mujhe maloom hai lekin tumhe mujrim kahoon kaisey
Adaalat mein tumharey jurm ko sabit karoon kaisey
Tumhari jeib mein khanjar na haaton mein koi bum tha
Tumharey rath pe to Mariyada Purshottam ka parcham tha!!"

My "Dream Run"

Yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! I ran the dream run of the marathon and it was a fantastic experience to say the least, more on that later as of now the images.