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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Of dams, reservations and kisses.

A few of the links on the that managed to catch my eye.

Dam Debate Dents India's Infrastructure . The Narmada issue is making news in the international media. Its not really the issue thats making the news, its the dealing of the Indian government that is be questioned. The kind of comments one gets to see in the international media on the Indian growth story and its leaders capability to handle the problems arising out of it, it surely leaves no doubt in our minds that they are not buying the Indian story, atleast not as yet. Most of them talk about the Indian governments as the ones with near to no decision making skills when handling with tough situations and poor law implementors. In the backdrop of all this our PM talks about the attracting $150 Billion, don't know who would pump that money, if all Indian governments including his own try to outdo each other as the more impotent and populist than the earlier.

Reservation in the private sector - The fight for reservation has again raised it head. For certain reasons I don't want my personal comments on that, though I have many, but the attached link for the same is one of the interesting observations by none less than an Dalit site. The author doesn't really feels the need for mandatory reservation in any sector and sights different ways through which the communities which were discriminated earlier should be brought forward.

To kiss or not to kiss (I had written quite a lot on this somehow got deleted)

Impeach Bush Blog Now this is one thing which is not waywardly possible, unless Bush commits something horrible then himself. But the people are trying their best to get rid of him.