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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Right to kill.

The controversy over the death penalty has again come to fore, after a court directed the so called planner of the parliament attack,Mohd. Afzal, to be hanged. I don't know and don't want to know whether he is guilty or not, I am not interested in knowing what the law of the country say with regards to capital punishment, neither do I have any regards or respect for anyone or any institution which advocates capital punishment. I have a single minded thought on this issue - One of the very few things on which I am in no dilemma- No human being has the right to decide whether the other is worth living in the world or not. No court or a collective body of people have the right to decide whether a person should live in this world or not, whatever the ground be.

We talk about terrorism and it being destructive then, We talk about us being civilized and then we talk about hanging so called terrorists so as to terrorize the others from attacking us. Are we missing something out here, we just talked about being civilized which means constructive and then we talked about terrorizing others through the means of the state. Are we not resorting to what we abhor? In my view any religion, any state or any institution that wishes to decide the life of other human being has no moral right to claim to be a victim of terrorism cause it itself uses the same tool to defend itself.

All in all capital punishment is a form of terrorism in itself and should be done away with because no one has the right to kill other.


  • hi asif,
    i agree but dont you think some people have taken all the power in their hands...no body knows on what basis they decided what wrong and right.. because its all in our mind...

    but you have put up a very controversial question... currently i was reading conversation with god part II..in that hitler was proved to b right in sprituial manner...

    but, there are lot more things, if we cant give punishments then crime increase and if we did then its immoral on our part...its just so mysterious... because somebody have to be made responsible for his act and if laws were not made then i dont think people wil beave civilized...its an human nature...
    but then also...ts just ot an end here...it is something which is unsolved and unanswered...

    By Blogger mona, at 12:23 pm  

  • and i think now im totally confused whats right and whats wrong... ultimatly every human do according to his own will...so mystery unsolved...

    By Blogger mona, at 12:25 pm  

  • I understand its very easy to be confused and loose direction when discussing this topic.

    The fact that crime has to be punished can't be denied, there should be strictest of the punishments giving to the criminals, but most of the crimes especially political ones have some reason behind them. This reason cannot be justified for their crimes but while punishing them on one hand, it should be seen how valid the reason is and how can it be corrected.

    All said and done one can't justify capital punishment on any ground because killings seems to solve the matter for that moment not forever.

    By Blogger As If, at 1:26 pm  

  • Here, I would agree completely. My position on this was/is/will be always very clear. Capital Punishment does not fit into the civilized world. Period.

    But, then I am also a bit perturbed by the other reasons being dished out for his acquittal/lenient punishment.


    By Blogger HP, at 11:36 am  

  • what reasons are u talking about hari?

    By Blogger As If, at 2:14 pm  

  • Well...

    Kashmiris will get alienated.
    He has not been judged properly.
    He was not allowed to defend himself.
    Take into concern sentiments of people of Kashmir and all that...


    By Blogger HP, at 3:33 pm  

  • HP if u really get into the nitty gritty of the case, some of the points hold true and does support the case that he shouldn't be hanged. Sadly, I have a strong belief that one more would be executed.

    The govt. simply won't allow for clemency due to ongoing mob hysteria against it, which is all due to vested interests lack of understanding from the masses.

    By Blogger As If, at 12:25 pm  

  • As for the mob hysteria that I am talking about , check for this post at Indian Muslims. There has been some highly provocative comments to my post bye fanatics.

    By Blogger As If, at 12:27 pm  

  • Yeah..I did check out the post at IM. And as for the comments, there is only comment that is way over the top. And that guy has commented at other ppl's blogs too.
    Check out
    And I liked the above blogger's rational response to him.

    Infact, I am surprised that this issue has not yet brought out the venom-spewing ppl in full force.
    Yes, ppl have argued for the death penalty to be enforced but the language has been pretty much okay kindish. I dont know if I am speaking too soon. But..

    Also, Sena has not yet come on the streets for this..Kinda strange..Maybe they will come if and only if the pardon is granted...


    By Blogger HP, at 5:43 am  

  • Hi,
    I can agree to a certain extent that no individual/group or institution has the right to decide whether a person should live in this world but neither do these people have the right to determine the same. If a person is a threat to the society jeopardizing the lives of hundreds of people then he either needs to be alienated or executed depending on the severity of his crime.

    I don’t see Capital punishment as an act of terrorism had its purpose been this then such punishments would have been telecasted on the TV and other media which could have brought fear in the minds of people/terrorists.

    Also the kinds of terrorist groups operating these days have no fear for their lives. So such punishments don’t mean anything to them, infact dying in suicide attacks or in capital punishments they are seen as martyrs in their respective groups.

    If some high profile terrorist / mastermind is not executed and just punished the we would soon see another airplane like IC 814 being hijacked or something else happening to release the guilty.

    Civilized society need to have strict laws to implement discipline and control crime/terrorism else it wont take time for people to take the law in their own hands. At least the victims/family of victims could be the first few people taking up the law in their won hands to punish.

    A sensitive topic quite arguable but this is my opinion on Capital punishment and terrorism.

    As if, quite a big comment shd have been a seperate blog in itself.

    -mhamirma (i guess my friends shd be able to recognise me)

    By Anonymous mhamirma, at 12:07 pm  

  • Welcome Malik,
    I had written the same post on a site called www.indianmuslims.in and have got much longer responses then this. So no issues with the size of it, anyways I am near to completing "Right to kill - 2" where I have tried to address all arguments that people have against my fight for humane treatment for one and all. So for now no real answer to your comment dude.

    By Blogger As If, at 1:35 pm  

  • Malik's comment makes me feel that he would make a pretty good blogger. I dont subscribe to his views but atleast he presents them in a coherent manner.
    Seriously Malik, think about blogging in your spare time!


    By Blogger HP, at 3:13 pm  

  • I am with stupid!!! I mean I support Hari :))

    By Blogger As If, at 3:51 pm  

  • Thanks guys for the encouragement.
    I dont have a great flare for writing, but such topics inspire me to write/reply. So As If, u r the first one to be thanked.

    And the kind on topics u blog on are very sensitive where in u have expressed your opinion in a very nice n polite way. And frankly spreking i am not creative in writing nor so good command over english. but i m surely trying to put in efforts starting off with commenting.

    And As If whenever i get time and feel like reading blogs urs is second on the list i'd like to visit. first is iyerospace.


    PS. refer to me as mhamirma until i can get a nice name after which i'll create my own space in this blog world.

    By Anonymous mhamirma, at 12:11 pm  

  • @mhamirma,

    Just start blogging!!


    By Blogger HP, at 12:41 pm  

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