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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Of students and politics.

Politics is a disease corroding the structure of the nation, Students are the hope of the nation. Students + Politics is the right combination to expedite this corrosion and would take the nation to its death bed.

Anyone who has seen the way election are conducted in colleges and universities in the hindi heartland of UP/MP would vouch for the above statement. There has been lot of debate in the media on the need of politics in college campuses in the country, after the murder of a professor in Ujjain in broad day light. The fact is that election on campuses have become more about power, greed and prestige then anything else. Since Bombay university doesn't allow elections, for someone living in Bombay it would sound very odd to hear the fact that student election in UP campuses always result in use of firearms, country made bombs, local goons, bogus voting, booth capturing.....Its common for a candidate or his supporters to be shot or attacked so that they back out.

The so called student leaders are in their mid 30's and have usually failed many times so that they can manage to fight elections till the times they get bigger venues to fight or are thrown out by much more powerful contestants. They usually belong to powerful and rich families and have strong political backing, by and large they don't fit the bill of a student. The trouble is not just with the elections, even in the normal situations I have known many colleges where the so called students sit in the exam hall with a country made revolver on the table and a guide alongside it. The message to the professors is clear, shut up and let me copy else you understand. Now this would seem exaggerated to someone who has never been there and seen that, but its a everyday fact that plays out in uncountable number of colleges in the north. That also explains how people like Laloo and Shahabuddin get their multiple degrees.

I am basically talking of the North because I have been there, known and seen these things with my own eyes. Educational institutions in Mumbai are much more a place of respect where even the rowdiest students show atleast some respect for their teachers. Though there have been incidents misconduct by NSUI and ABVP the overall atmosphere is still good enough for education.

All in all I don't see any valid arguments in allowing student election in campuses and as rightly pointed out by the Lucknow university professors, If the elections have to be conducted let the UGC or the EC or the government conduct it. Why sacrifice the safety of the poor professors.


  • hi asif..
    its totally true..election is now recognised with power nad prstise.. and they have taken it granted that ..
    any thing is fair in love and war..
    but i would like to say that it should be banned in universities and collages as it make whole atmosphere unhealthy and usually it is supported by political parties that makes the situation more worst..

    By Blogger mona, at 7:09 am  

  • hi asif, thanx for coming..
    and ya agree with u..actually when the topic is given to me i rarely heard abt this blogging world then my PR teacher told me and he told me the way ..he is a constant blogger so he just me some links and said i can go through that..
    and dear if bloggers dont o it,then how would they will be known to other bloggers..

    By Blogger mona, at 9:54 am  

  • hi dear,
    its being a long time to see you all agian.
    my brother is studying in delhi university and i got a regular update of politics being played there.
    its like messing in mud and my bro is getting some symtoms of that.
    i wish all that politics will be wipe out from universiies and collages.

    By Blogger vibhor, at 10:31 am  

  • will read it later but nice to see it...

    By Anonymous Sami Azmi, at 8:42 pm  

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