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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

When I read it yesterday on Gaurav's Blog, couldn't believe it and frankly speaking took it as just another crap floating on the blog world. Then a friend said she could not reach her blog from home, I gave a thought to what Gaurav was saying, but I could still access these sites so was still doubtful. But now its official Indian government has banned Blogspot!!!, I had expected many kind of paranoiac reaction from the government to hide its incompetence in fighting terror attack which are results of grave intelligence failure and the lack of people skills that our politicians possess. I had never expected that it would ban Blogspot, no explanations have come forward yet and I don't see any coming.

Probably some old babu would have felt that blogs are a security threat and they are the reason behind the terror attacks and the indecency in the Indian society, they could ban google, orkut, yahoo, rediff..... And why not internet. After all emails can be a great source of risk to the country with the ease they can transfer information. We can take a cue from China and allow only specific sites that would finally give the government a chance to make the Left happy, you know we are following the Chinese!!!.

As per the report in the Economic times you can still visit the banned blogs from some pakistani blogsite, can you imagine Indian visiting blogs banned by their government using sites hosted by their arch rivals!!!. This could certainly be a measure on behalf of the government for improving ties with the enemy in the neighborhood. So we could hear a statement from MS at G8 summit We are taking great steps forward towards improving our relations with pakistan, we have banned direct access to the internet, Indians can access the sites only through the pakistani blog site. Finally, our Foreign ministry would have something to show as a good PR measure.



  • Well, one fine day some babu gets up and thinks 'Ok! I am gonna have some fun today'..

    Decides that some sites are bad for the bholi bhaali Indian junta and then issues that list to another government org so that they can ban them..
    The Gov org then directs the ISP's to implement the ban..THe ISP's in their need to curry favour with the government then decides to block the whole domain thinking that 'Who the hell anyway blogs, except for some out of work IT ppl'..
    And the drama starts..

    I am sure the first Babu is having a lot of fun now :-)


    By Blogger HP, at 9:41 am  

  • And do you think that these babus would be affected by the blogger protest unless some court directs them.

    By Blogger As If, at 10:07 am  

  • Well, the bloggers are not thinking of protesting and whining.
    Some have already decided to file a RTI. A couple of them are lawyers and they are discussing the options. But, you are right. This might just die down. But, again it might not. If the people involved do manage to make some noise, and get their point across right channels, the sane ppl in the government just might listen.
    Tonight, there is a show on NDTV regarding this. Already, some MSM has covered this. This affects a small but a very significant part of our lives. So, ppl are rightly pissed off.

    The access to blogspot can be easily done in hundreds of ways. Thats not the case here at all.
    What is the moot point here is the attitude of the government. I have no issues if the government feels that some sites are promoting hatred and they bring it under surveillance but banning anything is pure stupidity. Today they are gonna ban some sites citing National Security. Tomorrow, they might just do something equally silly or downright stupid.

    Hopefully, the GOI had no intention of doing so and its just that some stupid scheme of a out-of-work Babu but ...


    By Blogger HP, at 10:40 am  

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