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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The reservation controversy

A post which I had put on May 18th on one of my other blogs for avoiding controversy on this one, but now think should be here.

Its been over a month since the old Congress warhorse Arjun Singh, well aware that he's grown too old and loosing significance along with the grand old party headed for same fate, proposed to implement the reservations for the OBC's in the central universities. Since, that day onwards controversy has been raging like fire which has engulfed at least the medical fraternity completely. There has been sharp criticism of the move from the top honchos of the industry with the usual suspects like Murthy and Premji airing their grouse.

After all this mayhem that is going around, with the SC/ST's saying that since their percetange to the population has increased their reservation % should also be increased, A thought strikes my mind.

If the SC/ST's and then the OBC's, NT's are to be given reservation's in accordance with their percentage of the population in country, some political parties trying to bring in reservation for the Muslims, the other for economically back ward, blah, blah, blah.... We can devise a simple formula that can bring an end all this trouble by making 100% seats reserved. The question is how??.

Well its simple each community can be allotted reservations according to their population, the percentage can be adjusted after every census. According to the census report that I currently got from http://educationforallinindia.com/censusreligiondata.xls, The Hindus can be allocated 80.5 % approx of the seats with further division based on caste, the Muslims 13.5% approx, The Sikhs 1.9 approx and most interestingly there's a percentage of people who chose not to reveal their religion they number 727588 or 0.071% of the population, they can be accordingly allocated the seats.

And the reserved seats should not be limited only to educational institutes, the reservations should be extended to the parliament, the police force, army and why spare the private sector. This way we can claim proudly to the world that we are a country of equals, where no injustice is done to any. Its a different matter that if this continues for long we might not have a country left called India, but still all can have seats reserved according to their caste, creed and religion and be contented that they have somewhere to go even if they are the most useless piece of sh*t in the world.


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