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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Darna Zaroori nahin hai(take the title seriously and be at home)

So I take and extended leave and make it four days in a row. With nothing to do on a hot Mumbai afternoon we decide to watch a flick, the shows running are Gangster and Darna Zaroori Hai(DZH). Now all you know Gangster has a role played by the one who shall not be named on this blog, lest this blog looses all its relevance. I love Shiney's acting skills and Kangna looks stunning, plus the songs but I decided against watching them as the scorn for the third is gr8er thn the combined liking for the other two and end up watching DZH.

So back to DZH, giving a preview on what the movie can be I let you know that there were hardly 10-15 ppl!! in the theatre. The movie peomises a lot but fails on almost all counts, I would like to compare it with an analogy here. Take the example of a Guitar artist people love his guitars since each one is handmade and customised for a specific audience. This person does roaring business and decides to hire 10 people and start manufacturing Guitars in lots and he only directs his artists as to how to work rather then himself doing anything, what comes out of this "factory" is not so gr8 quality and finesse. The same can be said about RGV, the person who gave us movies like Rangeela,Shiva, Bhoot etc now has a "Factory" that dishes crap like James(I didn't watch it though), Vaastu Shastra, Darna Mana hai and now Darna Zaroori hai.

The movie is supposed to a horror I assume but it seems more like a comedy from start to end or it seems the director was confused as to what he wanted the movie to be. The movie hardly has any spooky moments, not even one where you would jump out of your seat or even come to the edge. All the stories seem to be like heard somewhere and the presentation, seen somwhere before, some too short make an impact, some too stupid to catch attention. Worst of all they have shown 5 kids lost in the jungle dying of heart attacks!! at the tender age of 10-12!!. The movie is fast paced though and doesn't drag on more than it should. The cinematography seems lacking at times, probably with the intentions of keeping dark backgrounds which all RGV horror flicks try to capture and go over the board rendering the screen unappealing obviously except Bhoot.

The performaces are more or less just ok, the better ones come from the D-guy Hooda and the lady M. who shall again not be named on this blog for earlier mentioned reasons, If I had known that this lady was a part of the cast I would have surely avoided this one too. Rampal does look good in the scene where he has to play scared like hell, but looks utterly stipid when playing the Ghost, Big B's presence is too short to make and impact. The rest are just ok. All in all a must avoid.

Planning "Pink Panther" today so one more review on its way.



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