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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Time to raise the level of Madness...

So after wandering over the web for years and after doing some soul searching, After a lot of headbanging I realise that I have lost all our sanity. It isn't that I was ever sane, but the NET added to it to the extent that I have lost all understanding of what sanity is, the kind of people I have met over net or being more specific the kind of people I have chosen to align with some of the craziest individuals one can ever think off.
The result of all this, launching of the "Fukat" awards, the word Fukat always generates negative vibes in the listeners. But here by being the Fukat king we mean the "guru" of creativity, a person who has no qualms in dishing out their imaginations running wild even if it might be only for fun. Why do we do this, because we love to do crazy things which helps to keep ourselves excited from otherwise mundane activities of life.
Since, I like to keep my posts a little short, wouldn't stretch this too much and for one's who would like to know more about the "Fukat" awards head over to

http://fukat.blogspot.com and the reference post that started this all,



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