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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Presitgious Kindergarten - Chances?.

Got the following post from Whartons discussion forums. Presitgious Kindergarten - Chances?. I am not sure in which categaory I want to classify this, a frustrated soul, a lost case, a person baring the stark truth about the MBA admissions in the top B-Schools accross the world. Whatever this may be, it surely caught my attention. One more thing, this post certainly can be a contender for the FUKAT competition

Hello Everyone!
My name is George Jones and I have just turned 4 years old and graduated from the most prestigious Kindergarten in South Forktownship, Connecticut. I am preparing myself for a prestigious MBA program at Wharton or Harvard in 23 years (Class of 2032) and I wanted to talk about what I have been doing to prepare and what I need to do in order to best position myself.
I am practicing my leadership and management skills daily. I have been cited for my strong leadership of naptime setup and takedown coordination and supply chain management by my superiors and peers alike. I innovated and overhauled the antiquated corporate procedures to integrate a network centric approach to pillow management, and greatly increased the average nap user floor space per captia output.
My recommendations are well developed, as I already have several Ivy League and MBA Kindergarten teachers and daycare staff who have volunteered to recommend me for MBA programs. They cite my innovation and drive in daily examples for younger day-care students to follow, specifically in my round table leadership of complicated sandbox projects to utilize all available resources and labor without anybody going to cry in the corner or get sand thrown in their eyes for 40 days running!
I have talked to my parents seriously about moving the family to a different district and state to better position myself in the public school system and give myself the best Elementary pedigree for MBA programs to examine.
My parents are both Fortune 500 Vice Presidents and have assured me that I am not adopted, and therefore my genetic quality is of the highest caliber, which will help me succeed in business and in the Wharton MBA admissions process.
My determination and team building were demonstrated when I single handedly lead a revolt of my Pre-School against the tyrannical and monopolistic juice box practices of the food catering contractor. The teachers and administrators involved are now being investigated for insider trading, and I am authoring a book entitled β€œThe Kiddie School Whistle-Blower – My Life and Times.” Pre-release reviews expect this to be a New York Times bestseller.
These measures, plus excellent grades in elementary school, a high-powered New England boarding school, a strong Ivy League degree, 5 years of intense work experience at a top five consulting firm – Will this prepare me well to get into Wharton?
Please tell me what you think?
GeorgeCorner Nap Spot
Giant Steps Kindergarten
South Forktownship, CT


  • Hey Asif,

    What about some Fukat posts from you :-)


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  • I was myself thinking of the same for quite sometime. Nothing is coming to my mind as of now and I don't wanna post for the heck of it.

    Can we work together to cook something.

    By Blogger As If, at 7:38 am  

  • I was thinking about the benefits of Lungi but cant really put words to it :-)

    Other than that, I am not really getting any ideas


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