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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Grand OLD Tiger, where's the roar

Once upon a time there was so called "Tiger", who lived in the concrete jungle called the city of dreams - Bombay. He recruited a bunch of hoodlums and who would create a riotous situations and brought the city to a halt, every time he roared. Time passed by and after a couple of riots in major cities of the state, the so called "Tiger" managed to acquire power along with the so called party with difference, which he ran through a couple of proxy CM's.

More time passed by, he became frail and old and the one of hoodlums refused to accept his authority and parted ways joining the grand old party and alter its offshoot, another one parted ways claiming the so called "Tiger" is promoting his so called incompetent "cub" over him. The departure of hoodlums who were the mainstay of power that he wielded weakened him from the core and now sent explicit threats to him.

More was yet to come as one of the so called "Tiger's" very own ditched him for the same reason the second hoodlum had left. He went ahead to form his own party managing to break a big chunk of youth leaders, this certainly seemed to be the final blow to the party which the old man had created. He could see the effort of his lifetime crumbling in front of him but the love of his so called incompetent cub kept him away from taking any curing measure. Now whenever the so called "Tiger" tried to roar what came out best was a whine, the Grand old man who liked to rule with an iron hand has mellowed down and lost his glory.

The reason why I am talking all this at this point of time in Indian politics is that the reservation controversy is at its peak even after going on for almost two months. The person who seemed to shoot his tongue on every conceivable topic and especially if it was against the minorities or the dalits whom he openly scorned and threatened to throw them out of the state(at least the minorities), seems conspicuous by his quite on the reservation controversy. He and his party have maintained a stoic silence on the issue in their own state, although their Delhi unit which is of no political significance initially did support the doctors and students.

The other reason is just being an analysis on the future of the party, which had a militant and flamboyant past. The militancy in its ways still remains, but more in terms of threats than action but the flamboyance is gone. The so called "Tiger" although being nothing less than a figure of scorn for me, but I admired his flamboyant ways with which he wielded power and especially his administrative skills which is evident by the way he organised his party, although the whole concept was borrowed from the Sangh Parivar.

There seems to be a distant chance of the party reaching power again or even hold on its own, I am not saying that because it lost two elections in the state. By that standard even the BJP can be categorized in the same league, but I think the BJP still has some fire left and can claw back in the next election. As far for the old man's party such possibility looks bleak and if that happens it would only enforce the truth of history, one man armies go down with the founder.


  • Hey! Tht ws an amazing writeup..I mean t style of writing..Although, as ur well aware, I'm quite uninterested in "so-called" politics :), I still managed to read the post till its very end! Tht too wid much interest. The credit, my friend, goes to U! Ur improving wid each post. Only remember 1 thing..Keep a control on t flow of words & ideas u choose to use..Be extremely judicious abt those..Esp wen it comes to controversial issues..Rest is all excellent! Keep it up!


    By Blogger Pri, at 11:37 am  

  • Hey thnx babe, I want to improve this style of writing more as I like to write this way. The problem is that not many people appreciate this style of writing as its pretty offensive.

    As for the controversy side, I had kept away from writing on controversial issues for the same reason that I might go a bit out of my way to criticise someone and create trouble for myself. I'll try to keep away from it.

    As I told you earlier since my blog is not very popular I doubt there could be any trouble.

    By Blogger As If, at 12:12 pm  

  • Well Dude, write whatever you wanna write. Issues, by nature are always controversial. We have two choices, we just ignore them or express one's opinion. And, one can do that always by not being obscene and all.
    Enough of my nonsense :-)

    This post was cool. As I observed, you are improving with each post. And yes, thanks for reminding me that the Tiger still exists in Mumbai. I thought with the recent tiger-poaching controversies, we might have lost track of this tiger too!!

    neways, don't expect any political party to take a firm stand on any issue. And definitely not on reservations...


    By Blogger HP, at 4:13 pm  

  • nice post asif...xcept you were pretty nice to him :-)

    By Blogger The Comic Project, at 9:35 pm  

  • Hey thanks guys, Mr. Comic project project thnks 4 isitng ma blog.

    You seems to be crazy about comics, though I was never in to them. Your craze certainly attracts me.

    I know dood these damn political parties are not going to support it at all. As for the controversy I don't really mind, except that my workplace decorum prohibits me from picking any.

    By Blogger As If, at 12:15 pm  

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