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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cost of democracy?? Cost of wealth??

Was just wondering the cost of democracy that Americans are paying, no not for their own country but bringing democracy to Iraq, which is many thousand kilometres away from their land and would have never in the wildest of their dreams attacked them or even would have come close to one.

American Deaths since the war started : 2538 out of which 2051 have died in combat. source http://www.antiwar.com/casualties/

Ask the Iraqis the cost of democracy that they are paying, it would certainly be hundreds of thousands in terms of direct deaths and and God knows how many in terms of indirect deaths, the Americans won't let the figures come out for sometime to come. Did the Iraqis ask for democracy they didn't, they were happy to be ruled by a dictator however cruel till they had peace, progress, education, religious freedom, a modern life and nearly everything they could ask for. But then they had the biggest curse that God and endowed them with, OIL, the oil that gave them everything, took away the same.

A fanatic, capitalistic, religious bigot called Bush and his Son not satisfied with looting their own country plundered Iraq. The reasons that they have given are many and change every few months, first they were WMD's, then chemical weapons, biological weapons, bringing democracy....... and now that God had visited Blair and Bush, the messiah of the oppressed and asked them to attack Iraq. Didn't they ask God why the heck he wants them to do that, anyways we all do that to save our asses, when nothing works blame it on God and when nothing works leave it on God. That's whats the worlds has done, leave the Iraqis on God only he can save them.


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