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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Footballing lessons for Man U.

I was surely expecting a cake walk for Man United in their semi-final against a struggling and out of form Barcelona side, but there was a hint of doubt that it might turn out to be a repeat of last years semi-final. Whoever watched the match would surely remember how Milan made Man U. chase shadows for the 90 minutes. But the first half has turned out beyond my expectations. Fergusson's team have literally been receiving some footballing lessons from Rijkaard's side. Yeah they haven't scored a goal yet and they might loose too, but the game till now has been an amazing display of footballing skills by the likes of Messi, Iniesta, Toure, Eto and the team.

Thats the reason Barca along with Arsenal are a treat to watch, the free flowing, controlling football that they play is what the beautiful game is all about. One thing missing out of the Barca game and the reason why they haven't scored yet is the speed at which they are playing. Though they have complete control of the ball, they are not playing at the speed which they use to rip apart teams.

So who do I think will win the match?? Well at the start of the match I was sure it will be Man U. but as the match has progress and they have been completely outclassed, I have my doubts. Considering the great English tradition of long ball which Man U. have resorted to at times tonight and at which most English team rely on. Man U can still win the match. For now I have fingers crossed.

I had said a couple of posts back that Chelsea have been lucky this season and might just win the UCL and boy their luck was at its best last night. After being completely outclassed and outplayed at Anfield from start to end, they were lucky to get a Goal, obviously an own goal by Riise, who is obviously at the end of his footballing career at Anfield. Considering Riise was not under too much pressure when he netted the ball, it came down to plain dame luck which got them the crucial away goal. But as I have said before UCL is quite about luck and many not so good teams have won it in the past, so it might be the luck of one such mediocre team to win this season and just if you didn't get it, it was Avram's team last night.

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    And about football, i dont know anything expect playing it randomly sometimes.


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