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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Strong comeback by Gunners

Last few weeks have been a big disappointment for any Gunners fan, so many draws and then a loss against Romans trophy team and the trophy coach almost ended the season for the Gunners and gave the chance to the blues fans to poke fun, anyways every dog has its day. Yesterday the disappointment reached its limit when the gunners went 2-0 down and a man short and I gave up hope, switched off the telly and went for a stroll, only to return after an hour and find the Gunners have won it!!! believe me it was one of the most amazing result of the of probably the season.

So do I think the Gunners will win the title? nope I never thought so, in fact like most other fans I was myself surprised at the ascent of the team to the leadership position where they stayed most of the season. At the start of the season if some asked me who would win, it was a straight forward answer Manchester United or Liverpool, both had spent heavily, had stable managers (off course the Gunners too) and played good football. Liverpool like the previous many seasons fell apart and Manchester United are very much on their way to win the league.

The Gunners always have the quality but what they lacked all season and what actually will kill their season is the lack of depth in their ranks. They have some of the best players in the league, but not enough for each position, so if Kolo Toure or Gallas are out the defense struggles. I know it difficult to replace a player like Fabregas, Flamini or Hleb but you need some experienced players if one of them gets injured. Anyways if Gunners win the CL which will be difficult, considering the first match is against battle hardened Rafa's side, who if everyone remembers have knocked Chelsea out twice very recently, it will be a worthy price for the efforts and the quality of a young team.

The surprise package this season could be Chelsea ;) no they won't win the league but their luck is smiling in the Champions league, they were lucky to get a small team in round of 16 and again when they got the weakest or one of the weakest team of the last 8, lets see how long do they ride their luck.



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