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Monday, December 18, 2006

India Wins!!! Finally.........

This post is late by a few hours and so a change in title. I was wondering in the morning whether India can pull this one off and to be very fair I was apprehensive, not because I was too sure of the batting abilities of the SAF's but because of the lack of mental strength that the tourists have dispalyed time and again in crunch situations. The fact is I lost interest in cricket a long time back or better put never had much of it, but being an Indian can't just completely stop tracking it. So, hail India for their first victory in South Africa, especially the quartet of Ganguly, Laxman, SreeSanth and Zaheer. They were the ones who provided India with the cutting edge needed for a victory under toughest of the conditions.

Should Chappel Go?

Lets do some analysis, why was Ganguly fired in the first place? He was underperforming time and again. Ok, what is the Indian team being doing for quite sometime? underperforming and very badly. Who is responsible for it? Along with a clutch of players, the coach. So why is he still there? Some heads need to roll in the Indian camp, even if the country wins all the upcoming tests in SA, none less then that of Greg Chappel. He was brought into an already well performing Indian team to provide that cutting edge and mental toughness to perform under tough conditions. But its seems nothing has changed, The Indian team remains the same; tigers at home, minnows abroad. So all in all his effect has been zero and add to it the rift and groupism among the players that he brought in. Anyone listening?


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