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Saturday, September 13, 2008

IM article


I started the below article in response to the post on IM
but call it lazy me or busy me, whatever, its been ages and I could not complete it, so if you still interested read the first part, the next should follow in another few years

Though many of the points look like rhetoric and ranting, the fact that many of them are plain truth can't be denied. All an Indian Muslim wants is a peaceful life, with equal opportunity and its own space to practice its faith, or at the least that's what he wanted pre-1992 riots. But since then things have changed a lot, both for the good and bad.

While some lost the way and took to extreme measures to retaliate against the injustices against the community, there is a sizable chunk which used the benefits of liberalization and privatization to make subsequenta better life. If only the first set of people would have avoided seeking revenge and joined in the latter half, things could had been much different. Also only if the governments had realized after the 1992-93 riots and subsequent bombings that the Muslim anger has reached the tipling point and will soon boil over real bad, we could have still saved the day.

Alas none of that happened and we stand at the point where the future looks gloomier then ever. On one hand the series of bombings have left the confidence of the country shattered and the community under constant barrage of criticism, ridicule and suspicion. The right wing militant nationalism movement, which is nothing but another form of terrorism, which had taken a beating in the last general election has risen sharply and will gain more popular support adding to the woes of the hardworking middle class Muslims who want to live a normal life.

For all the olks who talk about how Muslims keep complaining and don't provide any solutions to their problems, I will make my effort at it. All we need to do it to assure that we help and grow the size of the second chunk bigger and bigger, the more prosperous the community becomes, the less the inclination towards the nonsense of a community in danger etc. The another important thing that I think is holding back the prosperity of the community is the grip of the mullahs over the community. We need a movement which can educate the common Muslims that the mullahs are nothing special but a group of brainwashed individuals, at least most of them. The fact that we take religion too seriously among all communities in the country, needs to be pushed


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